Lames de terrasse L.250 x l.165 cm x Ep.28 mm Striées en Bois Autoclave Classe 4 Pin Sylvestre Sans Noeuds

Lames de terrasse L.250 x l.165 cm x Ep.28 mm Striées en Bois Autoclave Classe 4 Pin Sylvestre Sans Noeuds

Scots pine blades without knots smooth planing class 4 brown autoclave treatment from the Northern Vosges and processed at our Walscheid and Wasselonne sites.

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Scaffolding boards in Scots pine, 28mm thick, 165mm wide, 2500 length (the boards are cut square to 2500mm). Ribbed planing on the top and holding grooves on the bottom to prevent them from kinking.

With a long expertise, our sawmill is one of the few in France and in Europe to be able to offer blades without knots (or some very rare and very small healthy knots). Our blades are thus both aesthetically very beautiful but they are offered at an affordable price. We thus offer you the best quality / price ratio on the market.

Pine is the only local species suitable for heart autoclave treatment (class 4). Once treated in this way, the blades are protected in the very long term against attacks by insects and fungi and are the ideal product to place on your terrace.

Our products are guaranteed for 10 years. If you are looking for a local, beautiful, durable and resistant product, our blades meet all these criteria.

Why buy our products:

  • You buy direct from the producer
  • Our woods are local (from the Northern Vosges) from sustainably managed forests
  • Our blades are processed at our Walscheid and Wasselonne sites. This promotes local employment and know-how.
  • To have knot-free wood which is more aesthetic and above all more durable, wood is generally damaged more quickly at knots (holes, splinters …).

Informations complémentaires

Matière principale


Aspect de surface




Classe du bois

Classe 4

Longueur (en mm)


Largeur (en mm)


Epaisseur (en mm)


Densité du bois (en kg/m³)


Résiste au chlore


Type de pose (planche)

Pose par vis

Espacement entre les lambourdes (en mm)

50 à 60

Pose sur dalle béton


Pose sur sol meuble

Oui avec plots béton

Garantie contre

Pourriture, attaque insectes

Fabrication française

Fabrication 100% Française

Avantage de la classe d'emploi

Résistance contact prolongé avec le sol / l'eau

Garantie (en année)

12 ans

Certification PEFC